Global Warming Hoax

Is there a Global Warming Hoax? is Planet Earth actually now in a 120 year Global Cooling Cycle? which means a Mini Ice Age and large scale glaciation will occur in the Northern Hemisphere. We cover subjects in this video presentation that include farming and agriculture in the Global Cooling Cycle and the Grand Solar Minimum. Farming and agriculture during such weather pattern changes will directly result with a massive rise in Vegetarianism and Veganism upon a worldwide scale. We also discuss the resulting Spiritual Paradigm Shift that will possibly arise from so many different factors that will positively alter the way Human Beings exist upon Planet Earth, and bring about new empathic perspectives concerning the environs around us.

People have been indoctrinated to believe in the Global Climate Hoax by the Main Stream Media, but everything they state is a distortion or completely false. Human Beings have been duped into believing in a meme based upon geopolitical ulterior motives. 

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