Is our Earth Hollow?

What is our planet? Incredible as it may seem, is it possible that the Earth is actually hollow? This is the key idea we examine in this video. We’re told the structure of our planet is an iron core surrounded by liquid magma with a solid surface stretched around it. Yet many cultures throughout the world have beliefs and stories about an Inner Earth, a hidden underground world accessible through secret entrances on the surface and illuminated by an Inner Sun. In this video we explore a number of these stories and legends and examine more recent evidence from the journals of Rear Admiral Byrd, a highly ranked American naval officer, who crossed the two main entrances, the North and South Poles, eighty years or so ago and reported a very different picture to what we have been taught: beyond the snow and ice a temperate climate lined with forests, huge animals that looked prehistoric and advanced flying discs that disabled his equipment. So could Earth not only be hollow but could there be other beings living there, perhaps more advanced than we are and eager to protect their secrets? The picture of what is really going inside our Earth now becomes more complex and intriguing: Who are these beings? Where do they come from? And who – or what – else is living there?