Is the Hollow Earth real?

Is the Hollow Earth real ?

For years the theory has existed that the hollow earth could be real. Many explorers have discovered strange things over the north and south pole and it is possible that theres an entrance located. The hollow earth is also known as Agarta, Shambala, where giants live with many types of extra terrestrials.

So how can the earth be hollow ?

We have been taught in education that the earth is round and inside there is molten lava. In recent years this has been proven to be not true and more that the earth has pits of lava, contains within. The earth actually contains more water… could this be the inner earth oceans?

Mystery of the Hollow Earth

So could it be that UFOs, aliens don’t come from space, but our existing in our hollow earth? does this explain all the ancient tales of mythological creatures. In the 17 century two green children appeared in Scotland and there origins were unknown. Admiral Byrd reports in his diary on both expeditions to north and south pole that there is no ice, but green vegetation…


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