How to live a long life

How to live a long life

The secret to a healthy life is to eat a healthy diet, sleep well and drink plenty of water. But its also the lifestyle we live mentally within our minds. In the age we live in of computers and devices its important we are able to slow down and give our selves time to think. In the video above Jack is 93 years old and explains to us how fresh air is a key component to living a long life.

How do we live a healthy life?

Keeping the body active is a key part to our development. We are a human being, so we have to “be” what we are in order to maintain a healthy active brain. With our brain being active, we will seek to input the right foods and energy into our bodies. We see in the video how Jack at 93 still has a very active mind and body. He has grown vegetables for over 30 years and going to his allotment , living with fresh air and in nature has made him have a long healthy life.

Living a healthy life

Get an allotment or grow your own vegetables, growing vegetables can take time and yes its easier to buy in the supermarket. But supermarket vegetables contain very little nutrients and are often grown under artificial lights due to the demand in foods. They are imported from other countries and often frozen to keep them as fresh as they can, so they loose all there goodness. But when you grow your own, you spend time in nature getting fresh air and you get a lovely reward at the end, also save your self some money!

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